Rooftop Prince Episode 7

So Se Na is the daughter Chairman Seon Joo is looking for. She finally saw her at the hospital while visiting Min Ok.

Since Seon Joo is going back to Hong Kong because her cancer came back, she asked Tae Moo to find her daughter. It turns out that she have the same picture as Park Ha. But this time the picture was complete with the woman's head.

This means that Se Na and Park Ha are real sisters. What a coincidence! 

Se Na saw the picture and immediately put two and two together. She knows it was Park Ha who was in the picture. She didn't say anything to Tae Moo. Her jealousy towards Park Ha escalated. I hate her!

Park Ha and Lee Gak went to the Photo Printing Center where they shot their family picture. But to no avail found anything significant. She then went to the elementary school she remembered but she didn't find her name on the official list of students. LG suggested they try the chinese name and found out that her name means Lotus Flower or Bu Yong. Tsk. Why can't he connect it? PH should cover the lower half of her face so he can recognized her.

Tae Moo's dad saw SN and TM hugging in the parking lot and told SN to end their relationship quickly.

The Chairman is having doubts to TM's innocence over Tae Yang's disappearance in New York.

TM beats LG in squash (a game where TM has never beaten TY before which proves his theory that LG is not the real TY.)


When Lee Gak gave Park Ha candies to the guys and told them to chew it. :D
Doorbell ringing. Lee Gak is such an aristocrat but I love him when he's acting funny.