Series Review: Princess Hours (Goong)

Title: Princess Hours


Spirited art student Shin Chae-Kyung's life turns upside-down when she is told she has been betrothed to her classmate, Lee Shin, who also happens to be the crown prince of South Korea. To save her family from debt, she agrees to the marriage. But complications arise from all sides. The newlyweds can barely stand each other. Shin still pines for former girlfriend and ballerina Min Hyo Rin. Chae-Kyung finds adjusting to palace life difficult. And after years abroad, Lee Yul returns. A past family scandal had displaced him from the line of succession. Now, he is caught between his mother's machinations and his growing feelings towards his cousin's young bride. Source: IMDb


This was shown in the Philippines way back 2006 or so (can't remember when). I've watched it before, but I guess I missed some parts of the series so I decided to watch it again. When I first saw this drama, I had a crush on the Crown Prince (or Lee Shin), but when I watched it again I switched to Yul Goon. Perhaps my taste changed. LOL! I like him more than Lee Shin because I think the latter seems to struggle just to smile while Yul Goon does it with ease. Shin Chaegyung (played by Yoon Eun Yeh) is very cute. She’s very carefree and does not seem to be afraid if she commits mistakes. She's a joyous girl and a little childish at times. YEH played her part well. I 'm just bothered with the way she cries. It annoys me sometimes. The girl who plays Hyo Rin is pretty (Ul-zhang as Koreans say). I really like her face. The Great Queen added spice to this drama. She's funny and a she's the cutest Grandma I've ever seen in Koreanovelas. LOL! Overall, the drama is good and "bitin" as usual. :))