Series Review: I am Legend

Title: I am Legend


Jun Seol Hee recently divorced after realizing that she deserved to be treated better by her high-flying lawyer husband, Cha Ji Wook, and his arrogant family. Determined to get her life back on track, she returns to her rock band roots, becoming the leader of the Comeback Madonna Band. Her bandmates are fellow 'ahjummas' who have personal problems of their own, and together they search for happiness and personal fulfillment through music.


I was hesitant on watching this series because I don't think it has the atmosphere of the dramas I wanted to watch. But then, I enjoyed watching this drama. I love Kim Eun Jun's fashion statement. Plus she looks like a rocker. She's very fashionable! I love her clothes and her hair style too. But most of all, the OST of the drama is a hit! I love it! Super! Whoever the composer of the songs are, I salute you. Besides the catchy melody of the songs, the lyrics are also good. I'm just a little sad because the ending seems to be open-ended. I don't know if she's going to end up with the composer or the lawyer. The band members are also very talented especially the guitarist (Reum ah). Kang is very pretty, she doesn't look like an ahjumma. Fa-ja is the comedienne in the group. She's really funny and plays the bass guitar well.

I also loved the soundtrack. Here are some of their songs: