Book Review: This Heart of Mine

Title: This Heart of Mine
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Molly Somerville loves her career as the creator of the Daphne the Bunny children's book series, but the rest of her life could use some improvement. She has a reputation for trouble that started even before she gave away her fifteen-million-dollar inheritance. Then there's her long-term crush on the quarterback for the Chicago Stars football team her sister owns—that awful, gorgeous Kevin Tucker, a man who can't even remember Molly's name!

One night Kevin barges into Molly's not-quite-perfect life and turns it upside down. Unfortunately, the Ferrari-driving riving, poodle-hating jock isn't as shallow as she wishes he were, and she soon finds herself at a place called Wind Lake. Surrounded by paintbox cottages, including a charming old bed-and-breakfast, Molly and Kevin battle their attraction and each other as they face one of life's most important lessons. Sometimes love hurts, sometimes it makes you mad as hell, and sometimes—if you're lucky—it can heal in a most unexpected way.

Thoughts on the Book:

THIS HEART OF MINE follows the story of Molly Somerville and Kevin Tucker. It tells how Molly's impulsive action affected their lives and the people they love.

MOLLY SOMERVILLE. If you have read It Had To Be You, then you'll remember her. Known to many as the heiress to Bert Somerville's multi-million, sh is a woman who's restless when she can't figure out what she wanted to do. She acts impulsively. Who on Earth would give her 15-million-dollar-inheritance to charity and leave nothing for herself? I admit that sometimes I find her stupid. Though she doesn't earn money and most of the time she's broke, she's really happy. She earns a living by writing a children's book. Her characters are based on real people. She also draws the illustrations. She's fond of kids and she enjoys spending time with Phoebe's children.

KEVIN TUCKER. He's the star player of Chicago Stars. He's a quarterback. He's into adventurous things like paragliding, skiing the steepest slope, mountain climbing and anything that is extremely dangerous and involves adrenaline rush. Because of his recklessness, Dan Calebow is on the edge of giving him a punishment. Though, not known by many, Kevin Tucker has more than looks. He also have a brain and he understands several languages. He was adopted by a minister but her real mother was once a known face in Hollywood.

THE CONDOM. One of the consequences of Molly's impulsiveness resulted to an unwanted pregnancy because of a broken condom. She went inside Kevin's room and initiated the deed to a sleeping Kevin. Tucker decided to marry her but after the marriage, she suffered a miscarriage which later caused Molly a heartache, a writer's mental block, and depression.

WIND LAKE CAMPGROUND. This place has a special role in how events turned into happily ever after between Molly and Kevin. In this place, they became acquainted with each other. They discovered each other's secret and how compatible they were. This place gave them another chance to right the wrong and to fall in love with each other It brought back happiness to Molly and gave her inspiration to write again. It gave Kevin time to think matters that are important to him and it gave him the chance to create a new family involving his biological mother.

DAPHNE and BENNY. They are characters from Molly's books. They are actually Molly and Kevin's cartoon version. I find the addition of a paragraph about them at the start of some of the chapters. It's kinda cute.

Kevin and Molly's love story started in a heartbreaking manner. Nevertheless, I still love it. If you plan on reading this, I advice you to read it in order. Please check the order of the series in

Quotes from the Book
Sometimes I think "bimbo" is a word men made up so they could feel superior to women who are better at survival than they are.
"There was something missing inside me. I was trying to fill up, but I went about doing it the wrong way. But there sure isn't anything missing inside me now, because you're there."
"I've missed you so much. Without you, I stopped being happy." 
Rating: 5/5

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