Book Review: Glitter Baby

Title: Glitter Baby
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

     Fluer Savager stares out from the covers of the world's most glamorous magazines. Hollywood loves her, men adore her. So why does she leave it all behind?
     The answer is buried in a French convent -- in her childhood. Secrets lurk there -- secrets she must unearth before someone else does. The question is, can she?

"Poignant and triumphant." (B-O-T Editorial Review Board)
Genre: Romance

Thoughts on the Book:
     The first time I've encountered this I thought it was just a light, funny, and a quick read book. I never thought it would be that good. It was a very good book actually. There's a certain deepness to the story. It talks about love, family, women empowerment, deceit, lust, revenge and forgiveness.
     Although there were several characters, SEP made it a point to build all the characters in a way that it won't complicate how readers understood them. I know where each character is coming from, how their decisions affected the other characters, how love, can turn to hatred, how revenge can turn a person into a monster, and how ones perception can affect the decision he/she makes.
     Fleur Savagar is a courageous and a very determined woman. She is the epitome of woman empowerment. She knows what she wants. Any woman would love to look like her. Every head turns when she passes by. She makes every woman envy her. Who wouldn't be? She's 6 feet tall, with a very good bone structure, a gorgeous body, smart-ass and speaks English, French, German and Spanish fluently. She really is a Glitter Baby. What I love about her is her will to succeed considering that she started from a scratch. She fought hard to get what is rightfully hers.
     Jake Koranda is every woman's dream. Behind the Big Bird facade is a man who is trying to forget his past. He conceals what he really is by showing his cocky grin, shoving people who wants to get close to him and even those whom he starts to love. He is a man who fights his own demons alone but when he meets Fleur, he came to realize that he should accept those demons and leave them in the past because those demons shaped the present Jake.
     I hate Belinda. She is a spineless bitch, a whore who uses her body to get what she wants. She is so dependent to Alexi because of his money. She doesn't know how to live alone because she doesn't want to work her ass out. I hate what she did to Michael. He doesn't deserve every bit of it. Who would abandon their children like that. Well, basing from the fact that she grew without her parents, I guess that affected her psychologically. I hater the fact that she used Fleur to get away from Alexi. I knew that she was protecting Fleur but she also used her so that her dream to penetrate will materialize. Sometimes she only thinks of herself that she forgets that Fleur is entitled to decide on her own.
     If you're expecting something light and funny, you're so wrong. This book is different from any SEP books I've read so far. It'll give you mixed emotions. It'll make you sad, happy, giddy, anxious, angry etc. I hope you read this. It's one of a kind.

Quotes from the Book:
"Love, I've discovered is a transient emotion best satisfied by a good fuck."
"Hell was being lost in the world, even from yourself." 
"Don't leave me. I've been alone for so long...all my life. Don't leave me. Jesus, I love you so much. Please, Flower." 
"When you've been around a snake long enough, you learn how to crawl in the dirt." 
 "I'm not living in the shadows anymore. I want to walk in the sun. But I can't do that without you."
 Rating: 5/5

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