FANGIRLING 101: Korean Male Actor Pick #7

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong-wook (Hangul: 이동욱; born November 6, 1981), is a South Korean actor who is best known for his leading role in 2005 as Seol Gong Chan in the television drama My Girl. He went on to star in La Dolce Vita and Partner. After completing his national service with the Korean armed forces, he began work as one of the leads of Scent of a Woman.


I've first set my eyes on him when My Girl was shown in the Philippines. It's one of the dramas I've anticipated to watch every night before retiring to bed. He was paired with Lee Dae Hee in the mini series. I love their chemistry. The show was cute, very refreshing and it makes the audience feel good.

After his return from his military service, he made a comeback through Scent of a Woman where he played as Kim Sun Ah's love interest. I haven't watched the series completely but I've seen some of the episodes.

(drools. LOL!)

I also saw one of his movies called Heartbreak Library where he was paired with Eugene. The movie did not have a strong impact to me. I didn't find it as heartbreaking as I expected. I expected it to be a hard drama but it wasn't. The story's twists was expected. In short, the movie is forgettable. It doesn't give a lasting impression to the viewers.