Secret Garden

This is definitely one of the best koreanovelas I've ever watched. I love the actors! They're all skilled actors. I love the characters. I think this is the only drama which has a touch of fantasy yet all types of people are targeted to watch it. I love it when they switch bodies. They're so adorable. It's so funny too considering that they do what the character's body is supposed to do. Oska is funny too. There was this scene which Kim Joo Won asked him to get the number of the Hollywood director. I just LOLed when he sang just to introduced himself (especially the aishteru part). Secretary Kim and So Young are a cute pair too. Haha! They really compliment each other. Action director is good too (his english speaking skills is superb compared to other Koreans). And he also got the abs. YUM YUM! Haha! I also loved the twists. Kudos to the script writer.