My Princess

I guess the series is a little bit "bitin". The ending was very open-ended and I got disappointed with it. I thought it was not still the end so I kept searching for a continuation, unfortunately it has ended on Episode 16. Lee Seol just ran away from her throne of being the Korea's princess. I don't think it was that easy to ran away from your duties and I guess that's a bit difficult to settle down. 

It didn't show what happened to Yun Joo and Professor Nam. I was hoping that they'll show the couple roaming around Egypt or something. 

The childhood memories of Lee Seol wasn't clear enough and it's a bit "magulo." There was no closure between Hae Young's father and Lee Seol. I didn't know how Lee Seol was taken cared by Hae Young's father. It was shown that the Emperor Lee Han died while being chased by the President. 

The drama has some inconsistencies as I can see it.