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Hello there fellow book worm! I want to know what's going on your mind. So if you have comments or suggestions or even constructive criticisms about my blog, just feel free to express yourself. Do you have books that you want to suggest for me to right a review about? Fill up the form below. 

The genres I mostly read are teen/young adult romance, new adult, chick lit and contemporary romance. Occasionally  I also read fantasy, dystopian and mystery genres. I so much love to read that I think I maybe engaged to my Kindle. I try to review books, but I find it difficult because of my busy school schedule (i'm a part-time instructor by the way). My social networking sites are posted in my blog. Just look at the sidebar. 

I know I'm not a good writer but I want to share my opinions regarding the books I've read. I created a blog for this and also to practice and improve my writing skills. I really don't read a book I don't feel like reading, so I assure you that the books I've read and reviewed are worth your time if we share the same interest. 

I also accept requests in the form of .mobi or PDF. I would love to receive a paperback copy of your books. I hope you're willing to handle the shipping fee. I live in the Philippines, you know. ;D Although I cannot guarantee that I will write a review immediately. And it still depends if I like the book or not.

Feel free to leave a message by filling the form below, or better yet, drop a message at my email :

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