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A makeup artist recovering from a breakup reluctantly begins a relationship with a wealthy playboy.

Always Be My Maybe exceeded my expectations. I was kind of hesitant watching it because Gerald Anderson plays the lead role and as a Sarah G. fanatic, I still can’t get over how their relationship went down the hill leaving her a broken mess, so the tabloids say. So yeah. 

But then as I watch and the story unfolds, I came to learn that the movie isn’t so bad after all. I actually enjoyed it, and I can’t count how many times it left me chuckling and eye rolling as Jake Del Mundo (Gerald) shows Tintin Paraiso (Arci) the ways into hooking up, how many times I laughed at all the hugot makeup tutorials of Tintin, and those times I giggled over the swoony and kilig scenes of the two. 

Gerald has shown some maturity in his acting skills. You won’t hear me complaining about his bod. It’s a feast to the eyes. LOL! He’s playing a heartbroken character longing for the happiness that his group of friends has all found. Being the only single in their group, he also wanted to settle down but was devastated when the woman he had devoted five years of his life for, turned him down. 

Arci Munoz is continuously surprising me. She has this sweet seductive look but with a touch of tomboyish, “palengkera” side. It’s a refreshing personality. Looking back to her past projects in GMA, I could say she has improved a lot – acting-wise. She can also deliver funny lines. I like how she delivered her character. She’s so amusing to watch especially when she keeps on making those funny faces for her Youtube Channel. 

However, I would say that it was Kakai who have stolen the show. I just love her! And anyone can relate to her character, Esang. We all know we have that one friend, who isn’t afraid to point out your mistakes whether you like to hear it or not. She also has the most memorable lines in the movie. She might have just delivered few lines but those were what stood out in my memory. 

This line when they were having a conversation during their break:
Kelan pa hindi sinadya ang s*x? Ano yun? Umuwi magisa yung panty mo? 
And her funniest line referring to someone who is assuming that they're in a relationship when it's clear it's only one-sided:
Hopia mani popcorn cough syrup expectorant!
On the other hand, we also have that one friend who would be happy supporting you with your decision whether it might make you cry in the end. Ms. Andre (Ricci Chan) represented that character. That friend who would be contented being your crying shoulder when your decision doesn’t have a better result.

Always be my Maybe tackles some realistic situations which depicts the difference of how men and women cope up with heart break. How important it is to have a support group to get you through the toughest part of a breakup. 

It also showed how guys think. How to make sense of their pickup lines. Whether they like you for real or not. 

This movie wanted to show that guys can be vulnerable too. That they too can be heartbroken. The only difference is they bury themselves in alcohol and in thinking that they’d be able to get over the girl if they hook up with another girl. 

Always be my Maybe is not the typical sweet-corny Filipino movie. It showed how much has changed in the courtship culture in the Philippines. However, it hasn’t failed to deliver a meet-cute love story. The movie was engaging and the pacing was just right allowing the viewers to digest and react to every hilarious line and the hugot lines thrown by the characters. The transition from the dramatic scenes to the funny ones was also well-placed and enabled the movie goers to adjust to emotions evoked by the film.


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