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A screenwriter struggling to find inspiration has her life turned upside down when an ex-boyfriend suddenly comes back into her life.

To say that this movie surprised the heck out of me is an understatement. I watched this armed with the knowledge that I was going to watch a rom-com flick, but I was wrong. The trailer concealed the best parts of the movie hoping to attract the audience with its plot. That worked out! But it was those twists towards the end that ended up earning praises from the viewers, me included. The plot was actually cliché but still managed to entertain the audience because the drama was camouflaged with the comic spiels from the actors.

One noticeable thing in this movie is the lack of bankable supporting actors (except for Ms. Lorna Tolentino). I know the faces of some because they have appeared in some mainstream telenovelas. The fact that they weren’t that popular and still managed to deliver a performance opposite two of the most bankable actors (Jennylyn Mercado & Jericho Rosale) of this generation, was one of the selling points of this film.

Surprisingly, Jennylyn Mercado and Jericho Rosales really have sizzling on-screen chemistry. The two are meant to do this movie together and I am glad it was Jericho who portrayed Ethan’s role instead of the first choice, JM de Guzman. Their acting was natural and it was like watching two lovers doing their normal everyday activity. I love their rapport. Theirs was an effortless acting.

The first part of the movie was really funny. I’d catch myself laughing at the banters among the clique. It was very relatable partly because I have a set of friends who I imagined would also tell that usual kinds of lines so it gave me the feeling that I was also a part of the movie.

I also liked how they delivered a cliché story in a totally different way. There were no tragic scenes or clips that show hospital scenes or dying scenes but it still evoke the emotion they wanted from the viewers. I cried a bucket of tears watching this movie and at the same time laughed a lot. There was even a scene between Ethan and his old Yaya where Jericho told her it might be the last time they see each other and his yaya replied, “Why, because I’m going to die?”. I laughed so hard in that scene and later on cried. You know that heart-wrenching sob I usually reserved for tragic endings I read in books. Yeah, that kind.

I also liked the fact that the acting was natural and not forced. Even those heart-rending scenes. There were no sobbing and howling scenes which we usually expect from our local movies. It was flawlessly delivered by the actors especially Jennylyn and Jericho.

This film was a blockbuster during its release and even gained the Best Actor and Best Actress trophy for the lead stars. It was apparent that the movie was a low-budgeted film. Yes, Jericho and Jennylyn with their following helped but what made it a success was the story itself.

It was evidently a sad ending. It was bittersweet. It wasn’t a norm but the story helped the viewers to accept the ending. Somehow, the comic relief from the first parts of the movie buttered the viewers for the depressing ending. It was not what I wanted as a movie-goer but it was an ending I’m willing to accept. This surely changed the trend among the local movies.

“I was selfish enough before to hold on to you. Now I love you enough to let you go.”
“Kapag masyadong safe, nagiging boring! Nawawalan ng kulay ang buhay!”
“Mas pipiliin ko pang magmahal nang buo at mabigo kesa matakot magmahal at magsisi habang buhay.” 
 “Isama mo naman ako diyan sa mga pangarap mo. Kasi ikaw, kasama ka sa mga plano ko. Isama mo naman ako…”
 “Hindi ako perfect, pero para sa’yo…ginugusto kong maging perfect.”
 “Kapag nagmahal ka raw sa isang artist, nai-imortalize ka sa mga songs na kinompose niya, sa painting na gawa niya, sa script na sinusulat niya.”
 “Kailangan mo lang hintayin ‘yung tamang tao, sa tamang panahon, sa tamang pagkakataon.”
“Mahirap makipagrelasyon sa taong hindi ikaw ang priority.” 
 “Kung hindi kayo meant to be, eh di ‘wag pilitin. Goodbye, let go, move on!”

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