Love, Rosie - Movie Review


Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were 5, so they couldn't possibly be right for one another...or could they? When it comes to love, life and making the right choices, these two are their own worst enemies.

People who know me would already know how much I resent movies adapted from books. But surprise of all surprises, I actually happen to like the movie version of Where Rainbows End. It was cute, funny, romantic, made me giddy, and just like the book, it’s also frustrating. 

The story in the movie is so much different from the book, and the alteration actually worked for the movie. The main story line was still there, but the whole book was compressed in a 1 hour 42 minute movie so I really expected the shortened version. 

Watching the movie was like watching my imagination come to life. It’s like Rosie and Alex are now this real people not just some figment of my imagination.

Maybe part of why I liked the movie was because it happened to show a different scenario that might have happened in the book if not for the two butthead main characters. The movie did not prolong their misery and cut off about 2 decades of it. In return, it also lessened my disgruntlement. 

However, just like any other book lover, I happened to note some of the differences of the story from the book. Pardon my memory if some were not included in the list. 
One of the funny scenes in this movie. LOL! 

Rosie: I just want to belong to someone, Ruby. I'm tired of waiting.
Ruby: Slow down! I'm not wearing a sports bra!
Katie: How can someone just not bet there anymore?

As much as I wanted all of the listed events above to happen in the movie, I also wanted it to stay that way. I’ve read the book, and I think it would have been better if the ending in the movie was also the ending of the book. The emotions and the aura presented in the book are still present in the movie. And as much as it pains me to say, the movie won over the book.

Alex: Rosie Dunne, can I take you to the dance?

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