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Madi Kennedy is 40, fabulous and has it all, an exciting career as an ER Nurse at Bridgewater Memorial, a charming home in a suburb of Phoenix, loving and supportive parents, the best group of girlfriends any woman could ask for and the pride and joy of her life, her beautiful 9 year old daughter, Claire.  

What else could Madi possibly need? 

Maybe something that doesn’t require 2 ‘C’ batteries and likes to cuddle?

Insert Declan Hillier, Vanilla Ice, and a treadmill here.
Declan is very tall, very hot, very Southern, and very 29.
When Madi meets Declan she falls for him, literally. 
Can someone who knows the cultural significance of the telephone number 867-5309 make a relationship work with someone who doesn’t know life without MTV? 

Madi loved New Coke and Jake Ryan. 
Declan doesn’t know what “Where’s the beef?” means.
Madi loved Xanadu and wanted to be Julie McCoy, Cruise Director.
Declan loved Fight Club and wanted to be Stifler.

Can they overlook and overcome their differences? 

Will the Cougar make a catch?

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