Book Review: Love Among Pigeons

Title: Love Among Pigeons
Author: Abria Mattina
Publication Date: August 23rd 2013
ISBN: 9780986957
*ARC provided by the author
In this companion novella to Wake, Frank invites the Kirk family home to Smiths Falls for Thanksgiving weekend. Holidays are always a trial for the family that lost their daughter and sister, but Frank is hopeful that this Thanksgiving will be the exception. He has some happy news to share. If only he wasn't so reluctant to talk about it.

This is a perfect companion novella for the Wake. After all the stress Wake caused me, I of course, deserve a breather. This book really cracked me up that sometimes I end up snorting because I can’t control laughing. I so love Willa in this book. It seems like she finally found her old self. I really love her sense of humor. She manages to turn something serious into something really funny. In fact, I have several dialogues involving her. 

When she went home to celebrate thanksgiving with her family, she got home late and unfortunately, she heard sounds that should have been private. Apparently, Douglas is already living with Frank. And she got home during a time when Doug and Frank are doing it. LOL! That’s really funny.
“Were you tired when you got in? Did you go to bed right away?” Frank stares at m probingly. I know what he’s getting at.
“You need a sturdier bed frame.”
Frank scrubs a hand over his face. “God, you heard?”
“Relax. I hear it’s only gay if you make eye contact.”
Frank doesn’t seem amused. I put my hands up in surrender. “Just trying to make light. I have no intention of bonding with you over our shared love of penis.
Another conversation I can’t forget is when Frank paid her to come out for him. And here goes their convo:

“Dollars. Give me a hundred dollars and I’ll tell them for you.”
“I wasn’t serious.”
I hold out my hand. “We both know you were.”
Frank glances at my hand and smirks condescendingly. “Sorry, I don’t keep hundreds stashed in my bathrobe.”
“You can pay me later.”
I get up to clear my bowl. Frank shakes his head slightly, still smirking. I think the idea of paying me to come out amuses him.
"What would you say to them?” he asks.
I pause to clear my throat. “I would say, beloved parents…Gotta lay it on thick, y’know? It is my great pleasure to inform you that your favorite son is very much in love with someone quite special.
Frank rolls his eyes.
…and he’s also an incurable cocksucker.” I narrowly dodge the spoon he whips at my head.
So there. The only problem is, I kind of craved more Jem and Willa moments. It seems like life is just starting out for them. I so wanted another book for them. I also liked the fact that Frank is finally free to express his gender after 11 years of hiding his relationship with Doug. I didn't expect his parents reactions. They're quite open-minded about the matter and had already known about it for years. That kind of sucks for Frank because it turns out that he just wasted 11 years of his secret rendezvous with Doug.

Abria Mattina works in marketing and book production. She holds a Certificate in Publishing from the New York University Summer Publishing Institute and a degree in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Ottawa. When she isn't writing she enjoys travelling, eclectic books, blogging, and baking. She lives with her fiance, Daniel.


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