Rooftop Prince Episode 9

I REALLY hate this Se Na girl. She's very evil! She judges Park Ha but she has more skeletons in her closet. Uurgh! 

I thought SN doesn't want LG/TY but it seems like she's making a move towards him. Hmm. PH likes him right? This SN bitch really likes to take away everything that PH cares for.

Since it's PH's birthday, the three musketeers decided to make a cake for her. How I wish there's a store like that here in our place. I'm sure it would be a hit!

PH lost the handkerchief LG told her to wash. (SN hid it in her bag.) So PH spent all night looking for it, but found nothing. This caused her to get sick. The guys took care of her. Sweet.

TM's dad found out about SN's mom. SN's in big trouble. He threatens her that if she didn't not resign immediately then he can't keep his mouth shut forever.

LG left PH a note that she would meet him at the Han River at 7PM. When SN came to visit PH, she saw the note. She went at the meeting place and told LG that PH is still not feeling well to join him there. Then told him that she should have just relayed the message via SMS but she wants to be there. She told LG that she likes him already. That fast really?

Just when PH was a few meters from them, SN hugged LG leaving PH stunned. LG didn't see PH.


PH's blind date went to her work place to deliver a cake he made for her since it's her birthday tomorrow. But the three musketeers blocked him and got the cake from him. What did they do with the cake? They gave it to the director. They didn't know that there was a note inside it which is meant for PH. The director thought this guy is crushing him. LOL! 

The three guys practicing the happy birthday song.