Rooftop Prince Episode 8

TM heard LG say that he was allergic to crabs. The real TY loves crabs by the way so during the housewarming TM made it a point to buy crabs for TY. A test to see if he'll it eat.

His allergy attacked him. Park Ha found him at the stairs. He has a difficulty breathing so she have him a CPR.

When LG became TY, PH believe that he was really TY. But when is tongue slipped about Joseon, PH figured it out. SN saw them and thought they were kissing.

LG told her the truth. He was in the present because he's looking for someone but didn't divulge the name of the person to PH.

Uh-oh. I'm sensing a love triangle here. He's really cute when he does that. Yong Sul definitely likes her! 

Upon learning what LG is up to, PH went to the library to research about the Joseon era.

TY's grandma is thinking of fixing a date between TY and SN. Tsktsk. 

PH's mom also set her on a blind date. The guys made sure she looked presentable and went shopping with her. LG even chose her dresses and shoes. They also took her to the parlor. :D How I wish I had guys like them too. Yong Sul's heart is broken. LG doesn't know yet that he likes her himself. He also got jealous and commanded the guys to watch the date so they can report back to him.

Just when the date was going well, LG texts her so she had to cancel the date. It turns out that LG just wanted to learn how to drive. Such a bratty king.

LG got frustrated and told PH that is she was in the Joseon Era, she would find it hard to ride a horse. To which PH replied that to drive a horse you just have to say Ho, Yah! So LG brought her to a place where you can ride horses just to test her. Haha!

TY's grandma is suspecting that something is going on between PH and TY so she talked to PH in the office. This drama is getting complicated.

The Chairman asked SN to bring TY's sketchbook to the rooftop house. While SN was browsing the sketches, she saw the signature written below each drawing. The signature was the same to the signature found on the postcard where he sketched PH. Then the bitch SN told the chairman, so of course, she got angry.