Rooftop Prince Episode 3


The elevator scene. Ba Yak told them to go inside the building and find a restroom where they can change. They ended up changing in the elevator. :D

In every Koreanovela, there is always something that will remind as of the drama. In You're Beautiful, there's Pig Bunny; in Dream High there's the necklace with a K Pendant, in this series, we have the Raddish Doll. Where can I buy something like this? 

The balloon scene is hilarious!

The Crown Prince has a name. It's Lee Gak. He finally meets Tae Yang's family.

The fashion show scene. While Lee Gak is drinking his yogurt, he watched the fashion show which is on going on the ground floor of Tae Yang's family building . And oh by the way, he made a scene when he saw Se Na. Tsktsk.