Rooftop Prince Episode 2

The episode started with a boom. It's really hilarious. Especially when the 4 of them looked ignorantly around them wondering where they really were or if they were just dreaming. The looks on their faces are priceless! I laughed so many times throughout the episode.

When they went to the palace, they were forced to leave by the patrol officer so they ended up in the center of the road and they can't find a way to cross - what with the traffic and everything. They looked so stupid. Haha!

When they were arrested because of trespassing the Chong Dok Palace.

Because of their ignorance, they thought the period film they were watching in TV was real so they attacked it. Another laugh! I'd like to pity Pak Ha but I felt envious instead. With those men living in her house, it's like living your KPOP dream. Oh how I wish!

In exchange of the damage they've caused in her house, she forced them to work for her.

Pak Ha taught them how to eat cup noodles using chopstick.

She taught the Crown Prince how to drink alcohol and use the whip cream.

Pak Ha believed that they really came from the Joseon Era. So she taught them how to use the toothbrush and how to use the CR.

I really ROFL when he remembered how he used the toilet water to kill the fire they created.

The crown prince saw Se Na whom he thought was the Crown Princess . 

That scene were Pak Ha served them Omu-rice was so amusing. The time back then was really very different from the present.

Tae Yong's Grandma saw the Crown Prince inside Tae Yong's room and thought her grandson was back.

To Tae Moo's surprise, he met the Crown Prince who looks like Tae Moo whom he left floating on the sea when he accidentally fell because of the impact of the punch he gave him. 

Their chibi versions are so cute! Where can I find the gifs of these pics?