Rooftop Prince Episode 10

Since she wasn't in the mood to celebrate already, she played basketball instead. PH is the only one I saw who can play basketball in high heels.

Since SN can't get TM, she's setting her eyes for TY. So she requested to transfer and work under Director Pyo. She suspected that it was PH who divulge the information about her mother to TM's dad. So she confronted PH inside the CR and threatened SN that she'll take everything that's hers. Evil Girl!

The "poop nuggets" got their first payment for their job they went out and bought a gift for PH then ate.

PH learns that the Crown Princess LG is looking for is her sister SN. OUCH!

Since SN is going at their rooftop house for a barbeque party, PH went out biking instead. LG followed her at the park. He's starting to like PH. :D

PH accidentally sent the text she typed telling LG that she likes him and loves him. She buried the phone but was found out by someone's dog. So she ran away before LG reads what she texted.


When the 3 guys got their salary, they gave Director Pyo some money. :D

Pardon me but I really find her face funny. :D I also find it amusing when she and Director Pyo interacts together.