Book Review: Bad Rep

Title: Bad Rep
Author: A. Meredith Walter
Publication Date: December 21, 2012

"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes". 

Maysie Ardin is soaking up the summer before her junior year of college, shopping, hanging by the pool and shopping some more. But when her black belt in spending lands her in trouble with her parents, she is forced to take a second job at a local bar to dig herself out of a deep financial pit. 

She thought she’d be miserable. But then Maysie didn’t count on Jordan Levitt, the hot, pierced and tattooed, drum playing bartender who also happens to be very interested in her. And the feelings are totally mutual. 

It had the makings of the perfect romantic set up. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy has girlfriend? Okay, maybe not. 

But attraction is a hard thing to ignore and soon Jordan and Maysie find themselves in the middle of a gossip induced firestorm. Maysie has to learn whether she can set aside her fear of public disapproval in order to be with the one she wants. Or will she let the opinions of others dictate her life and her heart?

This book is your typical teenage novel. Nonetheless, I loved it. I really enjoyed it and was able to finish it in the wee hours of the morning. It was a bit mature since the characters were already in college. If you're familiar with the newly introduced genre, New Adults, I guess this book belongs there. So expect a lot of hot and steamy scenes from this one. 


MAYSIE ARDIN. She's a girl who has a very low self-confidence. Thanks to his dad who always find something to depreciate her. She spent all her life trying her best to gain his father's approval. She studied hard to get high grades but then, she got tired knowing that might never change. So when she got to college, she promised herself that she'll live freely and do all the things she wanted to do without worrying about her father's disapproval. She majored in a course she loves and joined Chi Delta Sorority. She enjoyed the attention the boys gave and from time to time she indulges herself in a nice hook-up. 

JORDAN LEVITT. His name alone shouts sexiness and major HOTNESS. He's a pierced and tattooed guy which made him a target for the girls. He also belongs to the Greek System and he's the President of Pi Sig Fraternity. He's the girlfriend of the president of Chi Delta and they were considered the most popular and the most beautiful couple in their school. He's majoring in Accounting but his passion lies in creating and playing music. He's the drummer of Generation Rejects, which is gaining a popularity around the college. 

Here are the possible Jordan Levitt. You may just need to add some tattoos and piercings for some. :D

RILEY. She's Maysie's bestfriend who is so not into Greek System. She supports various environmental causes and is adored by Maysie's parents. What I like about her is that when Maysie is in trouble, she says what Maysie needs to hear not what she wants to hear. She makes it a point for her to see the reality. 

VIVIAN & GRACIE. They're Maysie's Chi Delta sisters. The are the only loyal friends to Maysie and they stood up for her when everyone turned their backs on her. 

WHAT BROUGHT MAYSIE AND JORDAN TOGETHER? Because of Maysie's over expenditures, her credit card reached its limit. In order to pay the debt, she have to find another job to earn more money. So she and Riley went job hunting and were hired in Barton's where Jordan also works. The moment their eyes met, they both recognized the connection that zinged in their bodies and that started the trouble. 


Maysie and Jordan started their relationship roughly. The moment Jordan laid eyes on her. Their problem already started. Though Jordan is still committed to Olivia, he can't stop his attraction towards Maysie. His relationship with Olivia has deteriorated as time went by and as Olivia showed her wild and self-centered side. Maysie also felt the incredible attraction but being a loyal friend to her sorority sister, she fought the attraction. And as their feelings were bottled up inside , they eventually gave in. I know that what they did was wrong but I felt vindicated because Olivia is a very jealous bitch who only thinks of herself. Jordan should have settled the matters with Olivia first because his actions affected Maysie in a lot of ways. She became the target of bullying and bullshit gossiping in their college. I want to feel sorry for Olivia but when I found out that she slept with Vivians boyfriend, I felt sorry for Jordan instead. When M and J became a couple, there was a lot of

What I love about them is that because of their relationship, they found strength with each other. Event though the world was against them, they fought for their relationship. There may be times when they wanted to give up but their love prevailed in the end. Jordan thought her how believe and stand up for herself. Maysie, on the other hand, thought Jordan how to follow and chase his dream. They were really good for each other. 

Here are the two songs written by Jordan. There were no titles for the song, so I decided to put a title for each song. The first one, Lost in You, was written for Olivia; while Stop Running, Girl was written for Maysie. How I wish someone will also write a song for me. 

You lie your head on my arm 
your heart in my hand. 
Lost in your eyes, 
I have become a man. 

Your body sings a song 
Only I can hear, 
Etched in the dark of my soul 
Losing you is what I fear. 

I've searched so long 
for the promise of you. 
Enthralled by your silence 
I've got everything to lose. 

Lost in your eyes 
I have become a man. 

Lost in you. 
Lost in you. 
Lost in you. 

You moan my name 
I play your game 
I struggle to breathe 
You're all that I need 

You've become my forever 
All I know is you 
Enthralled by your silence 
I've got everything to lose. 

Forget the past 
Hold on to me now 
All we need is this 
All we need… 

Don's ask me to leave 
I don't know that I can. 
Lost in your eyes, 
I've become a man. 

Lost in you. 
Lost in you. 
Lost in you. 

Before he sang this song, he softly said, "This is for the girl who always runs away." 

What do I have to do to make you stay? 
What should I say to make you mine? 
When will you stop running, girl? 
I'm watching for the sign. 

You build me up and break me down 
Over and over again 
I crave your seductive destruction 
Even as I long for your pain 

But it wasn't all bad was it? 
Things weren't always this way. 
You filled the space in my empty heart, 
Your eyes told me things your lips would never say. 

So here I am, watching you run. 
I wish you'd stop trying to leave. 
How easy you forget 
That you're my reason to breathe. 

Stop running, girl 
It won't always feel like this, 
Stop running, girl 
Stop running. 

We could have our tomorrow 
We could have our dreams, 
My future is wrapped up in you, 
Even as my heart bleeds. 

Stop running, girl. 
I've got nowhere to go. 
I'll wait until forever 
I promise to take this slow. 

How easily we tore each other down 
It's hard to take it all back 
Feeding those tears and regrets, 
I'm all alone in the black. 

Stop running, girl. 
It won't always feel like this. 
Stop running, girl. 
Stop running, girl! 

Stop running away!

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