January 27, 2013

Book Review: The Iron Queen

Title: The Iron Queen
Author: Julie Kagawa
Series: Iron Fey
Book: 3
Publication Date: January 25, 2011
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
ISBN: 0373210183
ISBN13:  9780373210183

I thought it was over. That my time with the fey, the impossible choices I had to make, the sacrifices of those I loved, was behind me. But a storm is approaching, an army of Iron fey that will drag me back, kicking and screaming. Drag me away from the banished prince who's sworn to stand by my side. Drag me into the core of conflict so powerful, I'm not sure anyone can survive it.

This time, there will be no turning back.

January 22, 2013

Rooftop Prince Episode 10

Since she wasn't in the mood to celebrate already, she played basketball instead. PH is the only one I saw who can play basketball in high heels.

Since SN can't get TM, she's setting her eyes for TY. So she requested to transfer and work under Director Pyo. She suspected that it was PH who divulge the information about her mother to TM's dad. So she confronted PH inside the CR and threatened SN that she'll take everything that's hers. Evil Girl!

The "poop nuggets" got their first payment for their job they went out and bought a gift for PH then ate.

PH learns that the Crown Princess LG is looking for is her sister SN. OUCH!

Since SN is going at their rooftop house for a barbeque party, PH went out biking instead. LG followed her at the park. He's starting to like PH. :D

PH accidentally sent the text she typed telling LG that she likes him and loves him. She buried the phone but was found out by someone's dog. So she ran away before LG reads what she texted.


When the 3 guys got their salary, they gave Director Pyo some money. :D

Pardon me but I really find her face funny. :D I also find it amusing when she and Director Pyo interacts together.

Rooftop Prince Episode 9

I REALLY hate this Se Na girl. She's very evil! She judges Park Ha but she has more skeletons in her closet. Uurgh! 

I thought SN doesn't want LG/TY but it seems like she's making a move towards him. Hmm. PH likes him right? This SN bitch really likes to take away everything that PH cares for.

Since it's PH's birthday, the three musketeers decided to make a cake for her. How I wish there's a store like that here in our place. I'm sure it would be a hit!

PH lost the handkerchief LG told her to wash. (SN hid it in her bag.) So PH spent all night looking for it, but found nothing. This caused her to get sick. The guys took care of her. Sweet.

TM's dad found out about SN's mom. SN's in big trouble. He threatens her that if she didn't not resign immediately then he can't keep his mouth shut forever.

LG left PH a note that she would meet him at the Han River at 7PM. When SN came to visit PH, she saw the note. She went at the meeting place and told LG that PH is still not feeling well to join him there. Then told him that she should have just relayed the message via SMS but she wants to be there. She told LG that she likes him already. That fast really?

Just when PH was a few meters from them, SN hugged LG leaving PH stunned. LG didn't see PH.


PH's blind date went to her work place to deliver a cake he made for her since it's her birthday tomorrow. But the three musketeers blocked him and got the cake from him. What did they do with the cake? They gave it to the director. They didn't know that there was a note inside it which is meant for PH. The director thought this guy is crushing him. LOL! 

The three guys practicing the happy birthday song.

Rooftop Prince Episode 8

TM heard LG say that he was allergic to crabs. The real TY loves crabs by the way so during the housewarming TM made it a point to buy crabs for TY. A test to see if he'll it eat.

His allergy attacked him. Park Ha found him at the stairs. He has a difficulty breathing so she have him a CPR.

When LG became TY, PH believe that he was really TY. But when is tongue slipped about Joseon, PH figured it out. SN saw them and thought they were kissing.

LG told her the truth. He was in the present because he's looking for someone but didn't divulge the name of the person to PH.

Uh-oh. I'm sensing a love triangle here. He's really cute when he does that. Yong Sul definitely likes her! 

Upon learning what LG is up to, PH went to the library to research about the Joseon era.

TY's grandma is thinking of fixing a date between TY and SN. Tsktsk. 

PH's mom also set her on a blind date. The guys made sure she looked presentable and went shopping with her. LG even chose her dresses and shoes. They also took her to the parlor. :D How I wish I had guys like them too. Yong Sul's heart is broken. LG doesn't know yet that he likes her himself. He also got jealous and commanded the guys to watch the date so they can report back to him.

Just when the date was going well, LG texts her so she had to cancel the date. It turns out that LG just wanted to learn how to drive. Such a bratty king.

LG got frustrated and told PH that is she was in the Joseon Era, she would find it hard to ride a horse. To which PH replied that to drive a horse you just have to say Ho, Yah! So LG brought her to a place where you can ride horses just to test her. Haha!

TY's grandma is suspecting that something is going on between PH and TY so she talked to PH in the office. This drama is getting complicated.

The Chairman asked SN to bring TY's sketchbook to the rooftop house. While SN was browsing the sketches, she saw the signature written below each drawing. The signature was the same to the signature found on the postcard where he sketched PH. Then the bitch SN told the chairman, so of course, she got angry.

Rooftop Prince Episode 7

So Se Na is the daughter Chairman Seon Joo is looking for. She finally saw her at the hospital while visiting Min Ok.

Since Seon Joo is going back to Hong Kong because her cancer came back, she asked Tae Moo to find her daughter. It turns out that she have the same picture as Park Ha. But this time the picture was complete with the woman's head.

This means that Se Na and Park Ha are real sisters. What a coincidence! 

Se Na saw the picture and immediately put two and two together. She knows it was Park Ha who was in the picture. She didn't say anything to Tae Moo. Her jealousy towards Park Ha escalated. I hate her!

Park Ha and Lee Gak went to the Photo Printing Center where they shot their family picture. But to no avail found anything significant. She then went to the elementary school she remembered but she didn't find her name on the official list of students. LG suggested they try the chinese name and found out that her name means Lotus Flower or Bu Yong. Tsk. Why can't he connect it? PH should cover the lower half of her face so he can recognized her.

Tae Moo's dad saw SN and TM hugging in the parking lot and told SN to end their relationship quickly.

The Chairman is having doubts to TM's innocence over Tae Yang's disappearance in New York.

TM beats LG in squash (a game where TM has never beaten TY before which proves his theory that LG is not the real TY.)


When Lee Gak gave Park Ha candies to the guys and told them to chew it. :D
Doorbell ringing. Lee Gak is such an aristocrat but I love him when he's acting funny.

Rooftop Prince Episode 6

I thought it was just Filipinos who do this kind of thing. :DD If you're a Filipino, you'll probably get what I'm talking about. 

Park Ha's mother met an unfortunate accident after she hurriedly ran out of the restaurant to avoid the Se Na's mother. Se Na saw the accident but immediately turned away even though Park Ha kept calling her. This in turn triggered a memory of Park Ha's. Right. She remembered what really happened that day. 

Park Ha confronted Se Na. Hmm. I want to know what Se Na's thinking. I bet she's really afraid now because all her orchestrated lies can come back to her. Karma's a bitch, you know.