Rooftop Prince Episode 1

It's just the first episode but I think the villainess had me hating her already. Oh man, she's a major bitch. She's very jealous of her sister. The little Bu Yong/Bak Ha is very adorable. Very very pretty and I love how she speaks. 

The drama shows an alternating setting of the 1800th century and the present. The main characters are the same for the two settings, only the names were different. It’s like the characters that live in the present were reincarnations of the characters in the past. 

This is the young Hwa Yong in the 1800 period. She's Bu Yong's unni. Due to the "accident" which marked an ugly scar on Bu Yong's face, she replace her name on the application for a Crown Princess.

This is the old Hwa Yong. She's really pretty but her face looks fake.

This is the young Se Na of the present. She's just the step sister of Bak Ha but pretty much became the real daughter since she let Bak Ha get lost by leaving her inside the truck.

This is the old Se Na.

The young Bu Yong and Ba Yak

The old Bu Yong and Ba Yak

I think this one maybe up to something. He's really up to something.  By the end of this episode, you'd be hating him too. (Isn’t he the one from Playful Kiss? He looks so serious and matured here. Nothing like he's playful and dumb character in the previous drama.)

The episode is very engaging. There are mysteries to be solved. I loved how the writers incorporated both the 1800 period and the present time. It's not boring because there are comic scenes among the characters especially the throwing of apple. The main characters were established. As a viewer, it gave me a peak on what I am to expect on the drama. I sense some extreme confrontations toward the end of this series. I'm guessing that the murder of the crown princess was done orchestrated by someone inside the palace - probably a close friend of the crown prince since thee Young Hwa in the future has a boyfriend already.

I think this character knows a secret. Who knows, he may be the one who killed the Crown Princess. 

You might be wondering what brought the guys from the 1800 to the present time. Well it's the eclipse. :D As they were hurrying their horses to run faster since their lives depended on it, they let their horses jump on the cliff with them and poof. They disappeared.

This drama looks very promising. It's a mixed genre obviously but I can see that there's a promise of more tear-jerking scenes. I know this was already showed in Korea. I just finished this episode. I should have done it sooner since classes are fast approaching.