December 11, 2012

International Giveaway: Box of YA Books

Hello there guys. A blog I am following has reached 1000 followers so she's having an international giveaway. Here's the link: The Hollow Cupboards

There will be two prizes, one for a follower in US or Canada and one for an international peep. Anyone can join the contest. Better visit her page now. It's still on going. You might have the chance to win a large box of YA books. How large is large? Well, she managed to fit 16 books inside. Isn't that a little exciting? The books are mixture of 2012 released and a surprise 2013 release paperbook signed plus 2 signed hardcovers. 

One US/CAN winner will receive a LARGE box of (mostly) YA books.
How large is LARGE? Well, I've managed to fit 16 books inside. I won't tell you what all of the titles are, but you can see a few in the picture below. Of course, Water for Elephants isn't a YA book, but it is the only adult title in the box. Inside are a mixture of ARCs (released in 2012, with one surprise 2013 release), paperbacks (one signed) and hardcovers (two signed). Excited? Me too!

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