Book Review: Honey Moon

Title: Honey Moon
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips


From a South Carolina amusement park to the glamour of Hollywood, orphaned Honey Jane Moon becomes America's most famous child star by taking on the world with her fists swinging. But little girls have to grow up, and the passionate woman she becomes changes the destinies of two famous men.

Genre: Romance

Thoughts on the Book
A great roller coaster makes you find God when you ride it.

This quote pretty much sums up the whole book. Honey Moon has a roller coaster ride throughout her life but in spite of all the hardships she encountered, she still loves her God and found something positive or a reason to enjoy what God gives her.

I thought I have read the best of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books but I was wrong. This was definitely one of the best (if not the best) book she's ever written. Glitter Baby is my favorite work of hers but I can't even compare it to this book. Both books were excellent and extraordinary in their own ways. But what I like about the two books were the heroines. They were both shaped by the experiences they've had in life. They both experienced hardships but they both emerged to be winners. They weren't affected by the detractors who always let them down, instead they use them as an inspiration to strive and be the best.

I love the characters but it got so depressing when Dashniell Coogan died. I got annoyed with SEP actually. I was thinking "What the hell! Why kill Coogan? He should have been made into a bad guy rather than be killed!" But then when my feelings calmed, I realized that SEP has done the right thing because in the end, Dashniell Coogan became a hero loved by everyone. I felt like sobbing but I have to stop myself because it was late at night and everyone was asleep. (I felt like a total freak!) I know his description in the book is different but every time I imagine him, Pierce Brosnan is the first guy that comes to my mind.

Honey Moon belongs to one of my favorite SEP heroines. I just adore her. I like how she can still have faith in God despite all the things that she's been through. I was so happy when Eric Dillon finally realized that he loves her. She has so much love to give that the two men she got involved with changed for the better.

The story is so good that I'm planning to read it again. I especially loved how SEP wrote the ending. I loved the part where she's delivering her speech after accepting her trophy for an acting award. Another classic from SEP. It was bittersweet. You really don't know how you'll end up in the world. God has good plans for all of us. You may not know his purpose but along the way you'll realize that it may be what's best for you. Just follow the flow.

Quotes from the Book
"A coaster gives you hope. You can pretty much ride a good one through the worst tragedy life throws at you. You can even ride it through somebody dying, I guess."
"The last one's hard. Marriage is always a balancing act, and it's never a good idea for one partner to get too big a head, but I'm afraid that's what's going to happen here. People write a lot of things about Eric Dillon's talent, and most of it's true. But nobody writes about the important things. The fact that he's a wonderful father and the best husband a woman could have. That fact that he cares about other people so much that he sometimes scares me. That doesn't mean he's perfect, of course. It's hard living with a man who's prettier than all of your girlfriends put together. But if it weren't for Eric Dillon, I wouldn't be here tonight. He loved me when I wasn't lovable, and I guess when it comes right down to it, that's pretty much what family is all about. Thank you, sweetheart.
Rating: 5/5

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