Book Review: Seven Secrets of Seduction

Title: Seven Secrets of Seduction
Author: Anne Mallory

     Secret #1: Every good seduction begins with a baited hook . . . 
   Well-educated, but not part of society, Miranda Chase is just as captivated by the erotic pages as everyone else in London. Intrigued by the layers she sees beneath the book's surface, she writes an editorial about it, never realizing that her passionate words will draw an actual viscount to her uncle's bookshop. 
     Maximilian, Viscount Downing, has very particular ideas about passion and sees truth only in desire. He freely flaunts his sensual power and seeks nothing more than another conquest - the one that could justify his entire debauched existence. But Miranda's blend of innocence, trust, and love cause a strange thing to happen on the way to this seduction. Something that just might threaten the very fabric of his jaded heart . . . 

Genre: Historical Romance

Thoughts on the Book:
     TITLE. Well, who's not going to be curious if a person reads this title? There are so many ebooks in my phone and many are lined up on my to-read list but when I stumbled upon this book, curiosity got me. I quickly put it on top of my list and ignored the other historical romance ebooks waiting to grab my attention. I was so excited to read it at first but the story was a little bit dragging on the first few chapters of the book. I don't know if it was the book or if it was my mood that affected my opinion. It took me three days to finish it. Luckily, the book slowly increases the pace of the story and that's when I got engrossed with it.
     WHAT STARTED THE STORY. Miranda Chase is a librarian in her uncle's book shop. She loves reading a lot and tends to escape reality through it. She seems contented and happy on what she has and is afraid to explore and come out of her comfort zone. She prefers writing than going on social occasions. Due o her letter to some writers, where in she expresses her opinions, she caught the interest of Mr. Pitts and Eleutherios. She is a fan of the book Seven Secrets of Seduction which was written by Eleutherios but Mr. Pitts loathes the author. This is where the story became exciting. Miranda doesn't have any idea that the two persons she is constantly having mail correspondence with are the same person, Viscount Maximillian Downing.
     MAXIMILLIAN DOWNING. Hes a famous womanizer in the society he belongs in but there's a reason behind this. His reputation is just his way to clean up the mess left by his parents. If his reputation is tampered, it means a worse image and more eyes will focus on him which will stir blind items about him instead of his parents in the gossip column of the newspaper. He's got two personalities, Mr. Pitts and Eleutherios. Mr. Pitt shows his love for classic while the latter shows his soft side. He sees marriage as a business transaction and he doesn't believe that love should be present between two people who are to engage into matrimony. He is betrothed to Charlotte but he loves Miranda. Somehow he doesn't want to repeat what his parents had done when they married each other and only his mother seem to be the only one in love in the relationship. In the end, their marriage only destroyed them and had caused them years of scandal.
     MIRANDA CHASE. She is an intelligent, well-read, and smart-mouthed woman. She is confined in a lowly and dusty book shop and works as a librarian. She reads any kind of book. She enjoys the gossip column in tabloids. Georgette always comes into the store to gossip about the latest happenings outside. Writing is her way to expressing herself. She lacks confidence and fears on coming out of her shell. Those were gone when Downing came into her life.
     THE ELEMENTS. The tips about seduction which were included in some chapters added more spice for the book. Also the mention of Illumination books. This only proves that even before, erotic book have been in circulation in the society. It's like the Playboy of the fourteenth century.
     The books is quite good. It's just that it ended so soon. I wanted more of Max and Miranda's future.

Quotes from the Book:
SECRET #1: Every good seduction first begins with a baited hook.
SECRET #2: Once the hook is in place, the lure must be set.
SECRET #3: Pull forth or use the unexpected. Create havoc and relish in the chaos. Put her off guard even if she is on guard at the same.
SECRET #4: Never lose control.
SECRET #5: Some are more ripe for seduction than others. But the sweetest fruit is the woman who doesn't realize she is plump on the vine. The on who bursts upon your tongue as soon as you set lips to her.
SECRET #6: Find the secret. What she keeps hidden from others. That is the key to her his embrace.
SECRET #7: Turn the key. Open the lock and take the treasure within. And once the key is found...never let it go.
ELEMENT #1: It isn't jut essential to entice your prey, but you must make absolutely certain that you are the only thing on her mind morning, noon, night.
ELEMENT #2: When you find the perfect specimen to enchant, you must make sure to guard yourself in return. For enchantment, like seduction, can quickly be turned upon the enchanter. If something should go wrong with the initial plan, step back and reformulate. Never undertake a new tack precipitously. This is a sign the cards have turned against you and are in your opponent's favor.
"No one is fine on his own. People just say they are." 
"Lies from the closest to you are often the most numerous and paralyzing." 
"Better to leave dreams behind and go forward with purpose." 
"Sometimes the measure of a person can only be gleaned through his interactions with others."
"Beauty is something that is hard to debate. Every man thinks his ideal the best. But the wittiest woman rise to the top of this structure, conventional beauty often taking a back seat to a woman possessed of a clever tongue." 
"Sometimes the world is better off if one always defaults to option number two." 
"Sometimes one appears to have more freedom than one actually possesses. It is easy to see what one wishes to see." 
"I suppose I will just have to make sure that I marry someone I look forward to curling around every morning. Whom I can't be without before breakfast. Or in the noon. Whom I need to race home to see after each appointment. Determined to lock her in my rooms, not because I need to hide anything but because I'd just as soon have her all to myself. To look upon her beloved face and hear her lips whisper in my ear." 
Rating: 4/5

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