Book Review: Catching Jordan

Title: Catching Jordan
Author: Miranda Kenneally

     What girl doesn't want to be surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out? Jordan Woods isn't just surrounded by hot guys, though- she leads them as the captain and quarterback of her high school football team. They all see her as one of the guys and that's just fine. As long as she gets her athletic scholarship to a powerhouse university.
     But everything she's ever worked for is threatened when Ty Greeen moves to her school. Not only is he an amazing QB, but he's also amazingly hot. And for the first time, Jordan's feeling vulnerable. Can she keep her head in the game while her heart's on the line?

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Thoughts on the Book:   
CATCHING JORDAN. Obviously, the story revolves around Jordan Woods. This books is mostly about her life: her first kiss, first hook-up, first boyfriend, first heartbreak (but not with her boyfriend), first prom date.

FOOTBALL. It plays a major role in this story because this is what Jordan and Sam play. I don't have any first hand experience with football but since I have read some of the books in Susan Elizabeth Phillips'Chicago Stars Series, I have a little knowledge of the game. I know some of the terms used. With this book I learned a lot more about the game. Like how quarterback plays an important role in football because they're the ones who direct and give cues on the moves they're supposed to play and how they study strategies for the next game and how they help their team mates execute it.

JORDAN WOODS. I love her name. It sounds sexy. I have a thing for girls who are given masculine name. The name suits her and it reminds me of Jordan a.k.a. Jordo in Something About You authored by Julie James. I guess she's the hottest woman quarterback ever. It's so seldom that a girl is chosen to play as a quarterback in a male-dominated game. She's a pretty stunning teenage girl who stands 6'2". I guess she's domineering and boys would easily be intimidated by her. Her girl schoolmates envy her because she gets to hangout with the hottest boys in their school. She finds it easier to connect with boys rather than girls. Her team mates considers her one of the guys. She's not completely happy because her father, the famous quarterback Donovan Woods, does not support her passion for football. He fears that she will meet an accident in the field and all he wants is for his daughter to act like a lady and stop playing football. She fell in love with Tyler Green the minute she saw him but when she found out that her best friend, Sam Henry, is in love with her, she began to question her feelings. She experience discrimination when she was chosen to be a promotional figure for Alabama University instead of being a football player.

TYLER GREEN. I admit that I was quite star s rucked when he first appeared in this book. Unfortunately, as I got to know his character, I felt disappointed. He gained my respect when he told Jordan about his family. - about how he took care of everything when his parents met an accident. But there is something wrong with his personality and somehow I doubted whether he's fitted to be with Jordan. Their personalities clash.

SAM HENRY. Oh well, I love him. I wonder how he managed his self-control towards Jordan. And oh, by the way, I envy Jordan because she gets to sleep with him in her room. Lucky girl, isn't she? He's simply adorable and possibly the hottest among the pack. I love how he takes care of Jordan. He loves her and her family, which he considers his own. I appreciate how he gave importance to their friendship and how he tried to ignore his feelings for her just so he won't lose her.

JJ, CARTER, JAKE, MARIE, CARRIE. JJ and Carter are part of Jordan and Sam's group. I envy them because they have a special bond. They know how each other feels about things. They know when to shut up or when to speak up to give a piece of advice. Marie and Carrie became Jordan's friends in the latter part of this book. Stories which can't be shared with the boys, Jordan shares with them. I like Jake even though he's got a bad mouth. He contributed some of the funny parts in the book.

THE FAMILY. Mike is Jordan's brother. He's in college and is also a quarterback. Jordan envies him because their father supports his love for football. I understand Donovan's hesitance in allowing her daughter to play the sport because it's quite dangerous and even if she might not admit it, she know that boys play differently. They're stronger and more physically fit.

If you're looking for something cute and fun to read, I recommend this book to you. I love this book but I expected more from the ending. It's too open-ended. For me, I chose to imagine Jordan and Sam as a cute college students who are so in love with each other and still considers each other their best friend.

Quotes from the Book
Jordan: You know What I think about dreams?
Tyler: What?
Jordan: That if you spend too much time dreaming, you'll stop actually doing. And when you actually do stuff, there's a good chance thins will work out. We make things happen by attacking, not by sitting around dreaming. 
Sometimes friendship is just that, just being with someone. 
When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes you settle for the daily special. 
Dad told me that even if you're meant to be with someone, that doesn't mean you necessarily get to be with them. But sometimes? Maybe you do. 
Rating: 5/5

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