Book Review: Once and Always

Title: Once and Always (The first book in the Sequels series)
Author: Judith McNaught 

     It was a marriage neither of them wanted. 
     She was orphaned, bewildered, and newly arrived from America to claim her rightful place in English society. 
     He was a black bear of a man - in temperament as well as size. Sought after by every matchmaking mama in London, he terrified the debutantes with his brusque manners and barely concealed sexuality. 
     But in Victoria he had met his match. Young, bereaved, and at first frightened, she quickly measured up to Jason. If not in size, then most certainly in spirit. A war of passion, wit, temper and manners was declared - a battle of a marriage that both were determined to win.

Genre: Historical Romance

Thoughts on the Book:
     Well, what can I say? The story is somewhat similar to the other historical romance novels I've read but I still like it. I love it actually. I never get tired of reading these kind of books. It seems like I can't get enough of it.
     I like how Victoria and Jason's love story blossomed towards the end. I can't help but imagine Drew Barrymore playing Victoria because based on the description, Drew fits the role.
     Somehow, I got a glimpse of the life back then. I just can't imagine how superior the men were during those days. I can't accept the fact that women were only treated as an object used for pleasure and an object to bear an heir. I don't like the idea of parents choosing whom you marry. It's so unimaginable and I can't help thinking about the present. What must have happened to me if the tradition lives up to now.
     What I love about this book is the description of the gowns they wear. I always imagine the women wearing gowns and I can't help but include myself. How lucky must the women back then to wear expensive and very well-coutured gowns coupled with expensive jewelries.
     If you're a fan of historical romance books, I highly recommend you to read this. But if you aren't, you can still try to read it just for a change :))

Quotes from the Book:
"Now, who do you wish to marry?"
"Who do you think I wish to marry, blue eyes?" 
"I don't know, but I hope she is very special, because you are."
"She's special. So special that I even thought about her when I was away at school during the winters. In fact, I'm glad to be home so I can see her more often."
"She sounds quite nice."
"I'd say she's closer to wonderful than quite nice. She's sweet and spirited, beautiful and unaffected, gentle and stubborn. Everyone who knows her comes to love her." 
"Well then, for heaven's sake, why don't you marry her and have done with it!" 
"Because, she's still too young. You see, her father wants her to wait until she's eighteen, so she'll know her own mind." 
 "Do you mean me?"
 "You. Only you.
Rating: 5/5

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