Book Review: Lust

Title: Lust (The first book in the Seven Deadly Sins series)
Author: Robin Wasserman

Alpha girl Harper is used to getting what she wants,and that means Adam,
Beth's all-American boytoy.
Blond, boring Beth, who Kane,
the charming playah, secretly wants too.
Miranda thinks Kane is out of her league,
but she wants him all the same.
And then there's the new girl.
Kaia. Who only wants trouble --
and he's definitely on his way.
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Thought on the Book:
     Honestly speaking, this is the most boring book in the series. And at some point, I thought I won't be able to finish the series, considering that this is the first book. However toward the end of this book, I found myself wondering what might happen next which made me read the whole series (except for the last book coz I can't seem to find a copy)
     Judging from the title of the book, I guess you'll have an insight on what the book is about. LUST or simply S-E-X. The characters involve here are highschoolers. The typical American teenagers. I hope that not all American teenagers are like this. Craving for sex. Hooking up on first date. Smoking weed. They're o wild! This kind of behavior is not acceptable in our country. But I guess, these are the common issues teenagers face nowadays. 
     I love Harper Grace here. Yes, she's a bitch with a capital B but she's real. She says what she really thinks. She speaks the truth even if it's gonna hurt you. But there's one thing I don't like about her. She hooks up with almost all the guys she dates.
     I don't like Beth Manning. She's too good to be true. She plays by the rules. She doesn't want to take risks and doesn't want to go out of her comfort zone. But I like he sticking to her principle.
     Kane Geary is a self-absorbed guy. He only likes himself. He loves the attention. He doesn't want commitment but I like how he sticks to his friends.
     Adam is a one-woman guy. He's so inlove with Beth Manning but at some point loses hope on their relationship. He may not want to admit it, but he thinks sex is a factor to make their relationship stronger. If she does trust him, then she should do it with him.
     Miranda Stevens is the wall flower girl. She is Harper's bestfriend. She is not noticed by others because their attention dart towards Harper. She isn't confident on how she looks. She's a smart-ass and she has a secret admiration of Kane Geary.
     Kaia Sellers is a city girl who was sent by her parents to Grace, California because they thought she should learn her lesson. She's a bitch like Harper. She's the goddess of flirts and she gets what she wants.
     If you want to read the Seven Deadly Sins series, you have to be patient with this book.

Rating: 3/5

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