The Social Network

The movie is good. Better than I expected. The actors played their part well. I don't know how will I see Mark Zuckerberg. Gosh, he's really a genius! That's all I can say. He may have gotten the idea of facebook from the Winklevoss brothers, but he did a great job with his idea. I'm really torn between him being the good guy and him being the asshole. I think facebook wouldn't  turned out to be that great if not for Mark so the credit must go to him. He was portrayed a "bad guy" but I guess not really.

Andrew Garfield portraying Eduardo Severin is an epic! I love Andrew and he did justice to Eduardo's character. What Mark did to Severin, that must have been the baddest thing ever. That turned him to bad guy. He ditched his best friend so to say.

But all over, it's a good movie. I love it. It's good to watch how facebook got to life.

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