July 17, 2011

Mary Stayed Out All Night


    These are the questions that popped out in my head when the drama was finished:
    • What happened to these characters?
      Seo Joon Lee-An Director Bang Kam So Young Dae Han Jung In's Father Moo Kyul's bandmates Mae-Ri's Friends
    • What happened to JI Entertainment? 
    • I hope there is a part two to answer these questions. I also noticed that they all have the same cellphone except for Dae Han. Haha! 
    • It would be funny if Dae Han and Kam So Young end up together. 
    • Jung-in and Seo Joon would make a good couple. 
    • It would be better if Moo Kyul and Wi Mae-Ri will get married. 
    • It's much cooler if all four of them will work again in JIEntertainment. 
         This is the first Korean drama that I've fully watched (meaning, from beginning to end. LOL!) I just stumbled upon this drama while searching for Moon Geun Young's movies and dramas. I downloaded it in youtube and dang, I got addicted to it. Not only have I love Moon Geun Young more, I also became addicted to Jang Geun Suk! Haha! I love them both. They really look like a couple. They became my instant favorite Korean actor and actress. 

         Jang Geun Suk's portrayal is very good! I fell in love with Kang Mu Kyul the very first time he appeared on the drama. Geun Suk has this ability to portray a character as if he was really Kang Mu Kyul. 

         I cannot say that this is the best drama I've watched, but then it's one of my favorites! =)) I really don't know. Will I recommend this drama? Definitely! =D It's a stress reliever. There are so many "KILIG" scenes and will make you wanna fall in love again and again.